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I have been teaching others to the same since 1993.  Let me help you too have a career you love! 

I hope the below interviews and videos will help with your career search.  There's very little information available and a lot of misinformation on our careers.  Hope it helps!

If you have additional questions, want to know if tour directing and guiding is for you, employers and or more....let me know.


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"Several years ago, I graduated from a well-known tour director training school, but because I had minimal experience in the field other than a couple of small tours with very small niche tour operators.  I could not get my foot in the door in this field.  I sent resume after resume, only to recieve no reply after no reply.  I had seen Cherie's "You-Tube" videos about a year after my initial training.  

I followed her website and decided to take the plunge to try to get a different perspective from someone who is still actively working in the field. Cherie's class was career-changing.  Cherie has a lot of experience in not only being a Tour Direcor but also in other realms of business.  I learned about Destination Management Companies, Incentive Houses and Cruise Lines, which were barely mentioned in the other school's training.  Cherie was willing to answer any questions of course during the class but also by e-mail and phone, afterwards.  

Shortly after my class with Cherie, I connected with a couple of DMC's, who connected me with a lcoal tour guide position in addition to their job offerings.  I am thrilled to say that I was hired in May 2014 for Holiday Vacations as a Tour Director and Travel Show Presenter.  To break into this fied you need a big does of perservance; which I had. But the game-changer for me was Cherie and her training, guidance and expertise.  

Thank you Cherie!!"   James Nicholson - September 2014

You can email Cherie Anderson directly at Cherie@tourtraining or call her at: 949 830 8603.

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You can email Cherie Anderson directly at Cherie@tourtraining or call her at: 949 830 8603.

"Cherie Anderson’s course, Professional Tour Management Training, has changed my life! I actually first took her class in 1994, and it stayed with me until I was ready to make a career change. In 2007, I looked Cherie’s name up on the Internet and discovered a new class was beginning the following week. The tools she provides, along with the certificate in your hand, will help get you noticed and in the door. Landed my first job soon after I graduated. Such a small investment in her wonderful class has yielded such big results. I now work full-time as a professional tour director and port lecturer for a cruise line. I am seeing the world and am loving every minute of it."  Elizabeth Moran

March 2011:

  • The instructor, Cherie, is outstanding! It is obvious that this instructor is one of the very best in her field! She makes the class stand out and makes the students eager to work hard and continue with their dreams. She communicates easily and often with the students & gives wise, easy to understand & helpful comments and suggestions. The resources that she listed were excellent including the cross-reference section. I liked the way I could take the quizzes over and over until I got them right. Having been a tour director, I know that the areas that she hit upon in the course were all the important areas in tour directing and all the areas where I had great concern. This is why I took the class in the first place hoping these topics would be covered & covered well. I was very pleased! The course is excellent as a refresher course, as well, an improvement course for those already in tours. What else was great was that she included other professions that cross over with the tour business giving all of us a chance at those professions, too. There is no question that this course is excellent! I highly recommend the class with this instructor! The class was very enjoyable!
  • This class was perfect. I felt it covered a very large area of knowledge and expertise with both humor and grace. I wish I had taken this course or heard about Cherie before leading a group to Europe 2 years ago. Much of what was covered here brought back memories of what went well and why or what went wrong and why. This was a fabulous lesson plan and covered so many aspects of the business. Thank you.
  • I enjoyed this course and found it to be a wonderful introduction to the tourist industry . The specificity of the information, the anecdotal and hypothetical problems that could arise and the pragmatic advice were thorough and clear. The lists of terminology, procedures and protocols are a valuable resource for the future. The recommendations for job application, interviews and resume are extremely helpful and make the process of job search and application feel very approachable. I thank you for sharing your expertise.

The course by far exceeded my expectations! Cherie's knowledge and passion for the travel industry and tour directing is very inspiring. After taking the course I have a clear picture of how tourism industry works and ways I can try to start my career in this field.

Cherie is amazing. She knows so much and is so willing to share everything she knows. She has genuine care, interest and concern for all of her students. She really wants us to succeed! I know that it's because of Cherie's enthusiasm for tourism and her students that she is a leader in the field. I am so thankful to Cherie for helping me get hired. Thank you Cherie.

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Feedback from training: 

* I want to commend and thank the instructor for this class. I looked forward to it every day and enjoy completing the assignments. She has condensed a wealth of knowledge in an excellent format and with the assignments reinforces the teaching and skills. Most of all, with this knowledge I will be able to actually work in this field and earn an income which made it very motivating to put my effort and commitment. Thank you Ms. Anderson for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom.

* Cherie provided information and especially additional links and resources that will aid me in my endeavors to break into the travel industry. Her insight into the field and the examples she gave us weill be invaluable in the future. The class was well-developed and the instructor gave us expert information and responded to us in a timely manner. This class was wonderful!

* Cherie certainly knows her stuff and is willing to share her knowledge and experience. She was timely in her responses and really loves what she does. The course gave me the information I needed to determine if I want to pursue this opportunity. If I do, then I feel comfortable that I have the training to at least get my foot in the door so I can gain the experience needed.

* Outstanding course. Incredibly interesting, detailed and helpful. Well worth the time and effort to complete. Couple of the questions on the final exam were worded in such a way as to be slightly confusing. Took almost a day of really hard work to dig that criticism up!!! ROFL! Sorry....weird sense of humor. Loved the course.

* This course is a MUST TAKE for anyone interested in becoming a tour director. It contains both information that is pertinent to the career as well as insider information that can give anyone that extra edge! Cherie is an incredible instructor who truly cares about her students as well as her career.

* I just want to thank Cherie Anderson for a wonderful course!

* I felt I was under great leadership

* Great course. I loved it and learned alot.

* Great course! I was able to gather lots of information regarding this line of work.

* I like the format of the course and the time line. There was flexibility in the schedule to get the reading and assignments done while keeping the course moving and the student on track. The discussion areas were helpful - even though I did not manage the time to contribute much. It was nice to have the prompt feedback to comments, and additional input from Cherie, past students, and current students. Assignments were applicable and useful in learning about the subject. The additional links are also appreciated. Even though I have worked in the industry prior to this course, I feel as though I have a much better understanding of the types of operators, directing/guiding positions, and responsibilities. Thank you for a quality learning experience.

* I enjoyed the class very much and learned a lot. The instructor was very helpful and had great suggestions. She got back in a timely matter which helped a lot.

* You have used your wealth of experience in the travel industry to develop your lessons and to provide feedback to students in the Discussion Board area. You are very knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed this course!

* very informative, thanks!

* This was an excellent class. The information was extremely insightful.

* I absolutely loved this course and am sorry to see it end! Cherie has an exceptional talent for presenting the material in an easy to follow format. I especially looked forward to her comments in the discussion area. She is so articulate that being on a tour with her as the tour director must be a wonderful experience. Being in her classroom has been a delight!

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