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Cherie has been travelling the world for years as a professional Tour Director and training others to do the same since 1993. Her students have wonderful careers as Professional Tour Directors, Tour Guides, Travel Staff, Lecturers, Trainers and Cruise Hosts. They lead international tours, domestic tours. adventure tours, student tours, local tours and or assist with incentive programs, work on cruise lines and more.  Their careers are interesting, lucrative and fun!

Let Cherie help you get into a career you love.  Her training is flexible, fun and you can fit it into your busy lifestyle. The "Tour Director Training Guide" is available for immediate download and  Cherie is here to help. (

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Feedback on Training:
June 2012:

This course is excellent in every way. I never thought I would enjoy an on-course and now I'm hooked. The level of interaction from Cherie and her teaching assistants is amazing and the way the course is set up is fantastic. I just wish it could have lasted longer!"

"This was a fantastic course. It was to the point and I feel I am ready to apply for a job in the travel industry. Cherie is a great instructor and motivator. Thanks so much! Gloria"

"I have taken about a dozen online courses at various institutions now and I have to say that this is absolutely the best one I have taken. Cherie's lesson's were thorough, well-organized, user-friendly, and VERY pertinent. If she teaches other classes, I would very much like to know what, where and when and I'll sign up! Thank you, Cherie."

"I was so satisficed that I'm searching for another classes with her,so please let me know if she teaches something else that I can take. What an outstanding course!"

"I am a Customer Service Representative in a four-star hotel at the front desk and, since taking this course, I have noticed that every tour director representing a group staying in the hotel uses expressions, asks questions, or makes statements that were specifically answered in this course. Right on! I am planning on retiring this fall and looking forward to a part-time career as a tour director. I finally have found the answer to exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, thank you Cherie Anderson!!"

"I have enjoyed your class Cherie. Thank you."

"ABSOLUTELY SUPERB............."

"What a wonderful course and instructor! Cherie was very thorough and most helpful. I learned more than I had expected to. Thanks you!!"

“I enjoyed the course. It was informative and useful. I'm not organized or patient enough to be a tour director--at this point in time. Great course!”

“I have experience in travel and touring and this course gave me a clearer picture of certain industries and made me aware of other possibilities I was not aware of. Thank you very much.” “Thank you and I have already recommended this to others.”

“I am extremely satisfied with this course. I found the material not only informative but insightful and provided a very though knowledge to become successful in pursuing a career as a Tour Director. I fell fortune to have had an opportunity to participate in this course and look forward to the future, proceeding with confidence that the instruction that I have received has prepared me for this career.”

“Excellent! I'm looking forward to starting my second career as a Tour Director/Escort. Thanks!”

“This was a fascinating class and Cherie did an excellent job laying out the big picture of the tourism industry as well as extracting very important details to pay attention to. It was helpful to read in chapter 11 some of the "personal challenges" that she and her students have encountered. Thanks a lot for a job well done and perhaps our paths will cross someday. Many blessings to you and safe travels, Sam”

“Thanks, it was useful to me with my goal of being self-employed in the business, even though it was geared to being hired by a company. It will be helpful in finding clients and developing promotional material.”

“Cherie Anderson did an outstanding job with this course. Thank you Cherie.”

"Cherie is terrific - no other way to put it!!!  Thanks for the wonderful sharing of our knowledge.  If you have other courses I would be interested in hearing of them." 

"The class exceeded my expectations."

  • A tremendous amount of information in this course offering. The instructor (Cherie Anderson) did a great job and is a wealth of information . I did sometimes have trouble with understanding some of the content and details in a few lessons. Having never done this work before, there were times that some things just did not make sense to me... but I was able to get my questions clarified in the discussion area. Having the discussion opportunity was very helpful.
  • Excellent course to better understand the inner-workings of the Travel/Tourism Industry, and the positions of Tour Director/Guide for the cruise, tour, adventure, incentive, and destination management segments. The instructor's years of experience in the industry and the information shared are invaluable to those who wish to pursue a professional tour management career. Thanks so much!!
  • Very useful information! And very well presented. I was surprised at how attentive Cherie was to our responses, thinking she might take a couple of days off at one point or another, but, sure enough, seemingly right after I posted some information, there popped up a response. The only updating was discussed within the commentary of the discussions regarding technological changes (DVDs versus VCRs, and so on.)
  • Cherie Anderson course "Get Paid to Travel" offers me hope of finding a job that I love. I only wish she could have a seminar at CCC&TC. I would gladly paid to attend. Cherie recommended a movie "My Life in Ruins." It's was the best belly laugh I had in a long time. I wish that I had known about being a tour director when I graduated a long time ago from high school. Before I signed up for this course, I recently went on a Fullington bus "A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza" tour. We had a tour guide for the day in New York her name was Sue Bell. She was amazing at her job. I am 40+ years old woman and I had no idea that a dream job like that exsisted. Without a doubt, I could tell she loved her job! Thank you so much for offering a course that has inspired me. Perhaps, I have found my kefi too!
  • I felt the course was excellent and gave a 'real life experience' in what you can expect. At this point, I am unsure if I want to pursue this as a job, however, I may pursue the Destination Mgmt. companies, but will decide after I take one more course offered thru Piedmont. Thanks again for a great and interesting class. 

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