Professional Tour Management Training

Duffy Boat Training in Newport Beach, California

Duffy Boat Tours and Training 

***Private Tours and Training Available:  $145 per person  (Does not include Duffy)  

Hi Cherie!  Thank you again for our great training experience. The material you provided is very informative and useful. I had a chance to look it over last night more thoroughly. 
We had a wonderful day and a wonderful memory. 
I’d love to go again!
Much thanks!
November 2018

March, 2018
This was a wonderful way of learning about Newport Harbor. The sightseeing’s were just spectacular and Cherie was fantastic telling us every single detail about each house in the neighborhood. We really recommend this wonderful experience. She took care of us and she was wonderful.

Duffy Class:  (Includes cost of Duffy rental.)

When:  Tuesday, January 21, 2019 **  

Time:  1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Where:  2001 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach  92663

**Due to the size of the boats enrollment is limited to 10 students.  Deadline for enrollment when the maximum number of students are enrolled or January 4, 2019. 

Cost:  $145*   

*Non-Refundable with less than 48 hours cancellation. 

Refresher Duffy Training for those that have already taken Professional Tour Management Duffy Training Tour - $99.  Contact Cherie for information.

 Complete Narration of Newport Harbor
 Research and Archives 
 Scavenger Hunt Question, Answers, Locations
Skills in Driving and Docking Duffy
Duffy Tour
Certificate of Completion
List of Companies offering Duffy Tours
  and...Duffy Boat!!!

The first Duffy Boat was built by Marshal Duffield in Newport Beach in 1970.  It's come a long way since then. Duffy's are now popular around the world in fresh water lakes, waterways and harbors.   Each boat holds from eight to twelve passengers including the driver.  Almost every home in Newport Harbor has a Duffy Boat!   

I personally love leading the Duffy Boat tours of Newport Harbor.   We are hired to drive the individual boats escorting the corporate groups around the harbor sharing the harbor history, stories, celebrity homes and life styles of the truly rich and famous.  (Bacal, Bogey, Wayne, Cage, Lauper, Jagger, Nicks, Keaton, Woods, Nixon, Kennedy and many more.)  It's great fun.  The tours are very popular with DMCs (destination management companies), tours visiting the California Rivera and private tours.   Our tours usually last from 45 minutes to two hours.   

We need new drivers/guides due to this growing popularity.   Companies are hiring guides from Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach and San Diego.  Most companies pay mileage and a five hour minimum.

I cover working with DMC's, procedures, safety, harbor mapping, working with individual groups, variety of activities, scavenger hunts, celebrity's homes, stories and give you practical experience with narration and the opportunity to drive the boats.   I'll also include a list of DMC contacts.  

The training includes my own detailed narration of Newport Harbor, pages of research, related links, a list of DMC contacts and a Certificate of Completion.  As with all of my training you'll also have my continued support and help in developing your skills and getting hired. We'll also have a lot of fun!

The space is very limited due to the size of the boats.  The largest Duffy holds 12, so I can only accommodate 10 students.  Enrollment will close when we reach 10 students.   

Plan on spending at least two to three hours on the water.  I want you comfortable with the boats, harbor and sights.  If you arrive late and or need to leave early we won't be able to wait and or drop you off during the tour.  Newport Harbor is very large and we won't be returning to the dock until the end of the training. Refunds will not be processed if you are late. 

History of Duffy Boats:


Hi Cheri,

Just wanted to thank you for such a great experience and training today. To tell you the truth, when you first mentioned the idea at our first class earlier this month I wasn't sure it would be for me as I've never done any boating and didn't know the harbor at all, but I loved our outing today and know this is definitely something I would enjoy. Thank you for pushing my boundaries...anytime someone does that for you they've done you a huge favor!

Also, thanks for the tip about Fun is First, and I will contact Linda Daley this evening. I am very grateful for all the information and leads you are sending our way, and hope someday I can repay the favor.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

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