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  • Professional Tour Management Training
  • One Day Skills Training for Working With Destination Management Companies in the CMI Market (Conventions, Meetings and Incentives)


            Date:  February 16, 2019  ***   

ime:  9 to 5.... longer into the evening if needed.

            Location:   Marriott Courtyard Laguna Hills Irvive Spectrum

                                   23175 Avenida De La Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

            Phone:        (949) 859-5500   Questions?  Ask for Sara, Convention Sales

Enrollment:  $265 - Destination Management Company Field Staff

                    Enrollment Click Here:  

***Deadline:  February 8, 2019 and or when maximum enrollment is reached.

If you are in the Fast Track Classroom Training the enrollment fee is included.  Includes $85 non-refundable deposit.

DMCs, destination management companies, in Southern California and around the world are amazingly busy and overwhelmed with business!    The DMC's hire local staff to assist groups as part of the CMI market (Conventions, Meetings and Incentives).  Fortune 500 companies are booking incentives and meetings, sometimes with only a couple weeks to prepare.   We have been literally working day and night assisting with double assignments, often working for a couple DMC's a day.  Last day off?   Easter....but fortunately I love the work and fellow staff!

It's great news for everyone involved in local tourism.   The programs mean profits for the local economy and vendors including airports, airlines, resorts, hotels, transportation companies, restaurants, retail, attractions, golf resorts,  incentive houses DMC's and more. 

The problem is staffing.  I work with DMC's in Orange County, California on their programs and recommending new staff.   We have run out of experienced and or trained staff. They're even bringing in staff, friends and family members from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the Inland Empire.  Los Angeles and San Diego have also been busy.  The problem?  The DMC's work with VIPs and the top levels of management who expect an extremely high level of professionalism and service.  New staff are trying to help but are showing up completely lost, unprepared, missing necessary supplies, talking too much, 'hanging out' and not meeting the needs of the companies.   I've already been told, "You train them and I'll hire them!"  

I often hear, "You're the only one I trust for recommendations."   Most tour management training does not include procedures for the CMI programs.  The procedures are different and DMC's work as a team with additional concerns and even different terms than used for escorted tours.  (It is still a great way to again related experience and develops your skills for escorted tours.)

I want to help the companies and may start my own upscale staffing as I've done in the past.  Here's how I describe outstanding Field Staff:

            Reliable always showing up early and prepared.
            Excellent customer service skills with the ability to deliver service to professionals and the upscale clients.
            Ability to work as a team with Program Directors, clients, guests and fellow tour directors.
            Leadership and decision making skills.
            Knowledge of procedures and the industry.  (I'll help!)
            Neat and professional appearance.  (We wear uniforms during the day and black suits for night events.)

What to expect?   It varies greatly depending on the location of the DMC.   A 'typical' week may include arrivals (meeting the group at the airport and or hotel), day activity (sailing, biking, hiking, art tour, culinary tour, dolphin and whale watching, Catalina, golfing, paddle boarding, electric boats, team building and more), dine a-rounds, events, hospitality desk, shuttles, departures and more.  We work out of the finest hotels and resorts.

When?   Since we work with Fortune 500 companies they plan most of their meetings and incentives (rewards for high levels of production), in the fall, winter and spring.  They are less likely to book during the summer and holidays when their employees are on vacation.  This also works great for tour directors that may have their assignments slow down during the winter and spring.

The work for each company is normally part-time and on an as needed basis.  It is flexible being perfect for students, mom's, retirees and anyone looking for fun part-time work.   Normally work is available seven days a week, days and evenings.  I've meet moms only wanting to work evenings, others wanting weekends and others only available for day time work.  It depends on your availability.  Those wanting more and or fulltime work usually work for several DMC's.  

The income varies depending on region and experience.  Most Southern California companies pay their experienced tour directors $20 per hour with a five hour minimum.   Lead, program directors, transportation managers and trainers earn more.  The DMCs may pay less for new staff and or trainees.  (I've heard from my students some of the DMC;s around the country pay up to $50 an hour.)  

This is the first time I'm offering a full day, intensive, training focusing on CMI and DMC work.  We'll meet 8-5 and plan on possibly later.  The training will take place the first day of the upcoming Fast Track Classroom Training on June 19.  You may enroll for just the one day of training and or all four days of the Fast Track Classroom Training which also includes training for tour directors and guides.  See enrollment link below.

The DMC's are mainly located in popular tourism destinations, resort destinations and major cities for meetings like Chicago, Las Vegas and Dallas.  Even if you're not in a popular tourism destination you will still finding the training helpful because there are also opportunities for Trip Directors traveling with the groups.  The incentive houses and meeting planners send Trip Directors and travel staff with the groups to assist.  They stay in the finest resorts around the world.  Experienced trip directors earn $350 to $400 a day plus expenses, per diem and often gratuities.   The training will benefit you too!

You'll receive a Certificate of Completion with skills and procedures listed and and a contact list of DMCs.  The DMCs will be invited to attend giving you a chance to meet the hiring staff and hear from each what they expect from their Field Staff.


             Enrollment Click Here:

        **Deadline:  September 24, 2016 and or when maximum enrollment is reached.

*If you're enrolled in the Fast Track Classroom Training the enrollment fee is included. 

Can't attend?  I cover DMC procedures in the Tour Director Training Guide lesson 9.  Follow the procedures and the step by step check lists.   Then show up early and listen to the directions from the programs director, ops manager and or lead.  Links are listed to find DMC's in your area.   I'll also send you a list of the top CMI (Conventions, Meetings and Incentive) companies.

Interested in getting on my list for recommendations and or staffing?  Send me your resumes.  Please, if you include experience on your resume it is real experience.  The DMC's need to know what assignments you can do independently.  If you need additional training they will often help but some have been 'stung' by sending out a tour director that list experience on their resume which was misleading.  It has led to consequences for the guests, client, DMCs and transportation company. 

If you know others that may benefit from the information and training, pass it on.  We often say, "Working for DMC's is the kept secret!"  We love our jobs. 

Questions?  Let me know.


PS  I am behind on calls and emails.  If you haven't heard back from, I haven't forgotten you, I've been busy.  I invite you to resend your email to put it at the top of my list. 



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